unsecured loans for poor credit/completed bankruptcy
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【online payday loans no credit check direct lenders louisiana 】 Dugu Linfeng, Lan Zude, the executive vice president of Guanghua Group, and Dai Ziyang, the general manager of the shipping company, ran up to the old thief of Dugu's family in a panic, trembling all over: "Old man, if we don't take action again, we...we can't stand it!" Already!" 。

"When did you become a good physiogist?" The little witch rubbed her sore arm angrily, and gave her a blank look.

After Chu Shaoyan finished telling the story, he turned to look at Shangguan Zetian, but saw her staring at him obsessively.

"Since it was Nangong Mingdao who colluded with the Dugu family to create this fake IOU, we can definitely start from Nangong Mingdao. After all, the guard and defense of the Dugu family are much stricter."

Guan Nuoxue pushed on the rock man's shoulder: "What do you know, no matter how responsible those nurses are, they can't clean some places! Go, a big rock man, talking about a woman's body, are you ashamed?" shame?"

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ambush? Chu Shaoyan frowned, and immediately led people to gallop towards the ancestral hall of the Nangong family.
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"Hehe!" The three girls couldn't help covering their mouths together and laughing.
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"Brother Chu, I... let's go!" Nangong Chengyu also burst into tears.
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Shangguan Zetian shook his head and said with a smile: "Cheng Yu, I think Sister Liu is not saying you are stupid, but that you are simple enough. In fact, simplicity has its advantages. Doesn't your Brother Shaoyan like pure girls?"
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Huo Luan immediately overturned the previous conclusion and re-investigated Zhang Qiyuan's case.
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"I hope his love can be purer...I know that I am not as good as Shangguan Zetian, she is the most beautiful woman in Jiangcheng's business world, and her net worth is tens of billions...I will work hard, I will make him fall in love with me..."
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"Zetian!" Guan Nuoxue yelled, dropped the things in his hands, rushed over and hugged Miyou, "Zetian, I miss you so much, we haven't seen each other for more than half a month, right?"
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"I'm afraid she was restrained by her mother?" Guan Nuoxue sneered.
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