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Standing behind the two was a tall and handsome young man. At this time, the young man took a microphone and introduced the identity and name of the guest with a smile on his face. ... army business loan

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texas credit union business real estate loan - small business loan terminology .Looking at the already frightened manager, An Linshan casually picked up the wine glass and poured red wine on the guy's face, saying, "I know this third-rate singer is Ye Jinlong's nasty woman, the young master of the Sanlian. If you don't feel good enough, you can let Ye Jinlong come Deal with me. But if he dares to come, I won’t feel safe until I tear his bones apart!” |.

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At this time, there were intensive gunshots outside the back door. Hearing the gunshots, Liu Dayong hurried to the back door, slightly poking his head to look at the situation outside: only a dozen meters away from the back door. The wave was overwhelming, and it seemed that the people in ambush outside were attacked. .

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Yan Mengjia heard her mother's voice and held back her crying: "What kind of house are you looking for? ...

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The manager waved his hand impatiently, turned around and left.

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After a short period of stupefaction, Jiang Wanquan greeted him with a smile: "Warmly welcome President Ye to Bei'ao City. President Ye has had a hard journey."

Ye Qiu smiled: "Is that an exaggeration, let's go, go back and have breakfast."

For some reason, after hearing Liu Yong's words, Chu Shaoyan felt that something was wrong with Liu Yong today. Just when Chu Shaoyan was about to ask something, Liu Yong spoke, with a touch of free and easy in his tone: "Shaoyan, President Ye is gone, and the future of the Sanlian Association will be entrusted to you in the future. I believe that it is not a problem to carry forward the Sanlian Society with your ability. But you must remember to take good care of President Ye’s only daughter, Ye Ruoxi. When Ruoxi was very young, her mother left, and now President Ye is gone. Man must be alone in this world."

The round head squeezed out an ugly smile, he didn't dare to treat Ye Qiu as a small employee anymore! Under the sun, what a small employee, there are 10 billion in the bank card! The smile on Ye Qiu's face disappeared instantly: "Why?

Yan Mengjia saw that the so-called Young Master Li had a good relationship with Manager Gao, and guessed that Ye Qiu would definitely suffer, so he rolled his eyes, pretending that he had nothing to do with Ye Qiu, stepped back mysteriously, took out his cell phone secretly, and dialed a number

Roadside stalls, of course, the price should be low, and it would be good if it was too expensive. "

Beside, Tang Yuxin reminded.

Ten meters in front of the mourning hall, a middle-aged man in a black suit staggered towards the mourning hall; the middle-aged man was not too tall, with dark skin, a Chinese character face with a high nose bridge, and two eyeballs between deep-set eye sockets that were abnormal It was dark and shiny, making people look a little gloomy.

Liu Mingjie's face turned cold, and he roared angrily: "It's all your fault. If you didn't look down on Ye Qiu, things wouldn't have developed to the point where they are today. If Ye Qiu was so rich earlier, it would have been obvious that this villa belonged to me a long time ago. Damn it, I really don't know where your flair for hooking up with men has gone, you don't even think well of your own husband!"

Shen Hengfeng quickly nodded with a smile and said: "Young Master Ye, don't worry, Liu Rumeng signed a three-year long-term contract with Galaxy Group at the beginning, and now it is the second year of contract performance. If she violates the contract on the contrary, the liquidated damages will be paid by her. Ten times the salary, that is, one hundred thousand!" .

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Liu Rumeng glanced at him and smiled miserably: "It's really special what you care about." .

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