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"What is the lord doing? Are you going to use the Explosive Domain Technique? Once you use the Explosive Domain Technique, your cultivation will be ruined..."

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Demon envoys also need to combine Gu secrets?

My overall strength is far inferior to yours, you wouldn't dare to take it, would you? "

Red Lotus Immortal Palace, Caimei Shangxian?

The demon laughed loudly, opened the sky with one hand, rushed out of the magic palace, and disappeared.

Even one person coerced Qianshan City!

"What's the matter, these Luanyang slaves... seem to be very peaceful?" Su Ran couldn't help asking.

Su Ran thought it was ridiculous.

However, Jade Muscle Water Gu has now transformed into Kanyue Jade Muscle Water Gu, so it may not be the same as Strange Gu.

Seeing that he couldn't influence Su, Yu Hongyi put away his talking and laughing posture, but praised: "Marquis Su, you really are a hero!"

"Brother Su, do you know the consequences of rebelling against the Immortal Dynasty? Brother Su is a Hou with a different surname, not a Hou with a Yu surname!" Ouyang Qi was very anxious, Su Ran was not afraid of death, he still wanted to live. .

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