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【unsecured small loan 】 "Changyangshan, the branch of Emperor Yan of Weishui, the son of Lieshan, was originally from the Fuxi clan when the Dating part was split. I am a descendant of the Shennong clan." 。

The territory occupied by Jinyun extends from Jizhou to Huainan. It can be said to be narrow and vast. Many areas in this area were once the residences of Yan Emperor's courtiers and descendants. Now they are all collected by Jinyun, and those who cannot be collected are expelled.

"Go is strategy, chess is tactics."

"You don't understand, just listen to me and you... I will talk to you carefully."

"People in the world say that I am the lord of ghosts, the ghost of Fang Liang, and a shadow in the dark. I have helped the Jinyun family. What benefits can I gain? Rights? The Four Emperors may not give me! Wealth? Things outside of me Forget it, can Beibi help me refine Qi?"

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Xuan Snake sighed in his heart. The more he saw in the south, the more complicated his feelings became. The more he felt, the way he used to govern the tribe was a hot chicken.
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"I got a copper hoe but I can't bear to use it...hehe."
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Although it is extremely regrettable to lose a drinking friend, but thinking that this guy is a blood sacrifice god who has eaten human beings, Ying Long suddenly has a warning sign in his heart. It is not that he hates blood sacrifice gods much, although Ying Long himself has never eaten , but there are many Sanmao gods in the same generation, and they have all done blood sacrifices before.
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"Boss, I used to think that you were just a flirtatious person...I didn't expect you to have such a level of knowledge. To be honest, I heard Hongzhou people say that you brought Hongzhou to Hongzhou. Up to now, I am still quite skeptical about it..."
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Danzhu's face gradually became serious, and then the land reclamation warrior opposite him ate his old handsome man.
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"Don't say it, I loved it."
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One refers to the transformation of gods, Buddhas, demons and ghosts, and the second is an elegant name for "death", which means "dissolving away".
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"I said the chief of the Dolphin Clan..."
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