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At the edge of the territory of the flame-tailed dog herd, Su Ran, Wang Xishan, and Huang Yao stood side by side, watching the situation of the flame-tailed dog herd ahead. ... why a mortgage and not a loan?

test. what happens if i can't pay my mortgage All the Gu masters of the Changkong family present were flushed with shame, wishing they could dig a hole and bury themselves. ….

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what happens to the 2nd mortgage in a foreclosure - equitable mortgage doctrine .Calculating the value of a Legendary Gu mainly depends on the demand. |.

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Su Ran naturally lost it. .

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In a magma area, Flying Immortal Gu was crying, and Grade 8 Gu gathered and fled. ...

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He has always believed that the corrosive fog is related to the treacherous sea.

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Not only Patriarch Heikui, Su Ran also found that a large number of Yayoi disciples were staring at him.

There are even underground, and some people lie in the soil layer and sleep with their eyes closed.

When entering the inheritance land, most of Su Ran's attributes were of five origins, but now there are four of seven origins, and even a seventh-grade Gu art world seal.

On the boundary of Linxi City, a certain underground river.

The first running ashes Gu master stepped forward, the order was wrong, a black light came out from the light gate and landed on the cannon fodder Gu master, and the cannon fodder Gu master directly melted into nothingness.

Su Ran kept picking the fruit until her body fell into the cracked abyss, but the movement of picking the fruit still didn't stop.

The blood was scattered wantonly, and the fishy wind was born along with it.

Going back in time a little bit, it was the time when Su Ran had just stepped into the place where the black sunflower ancestor's poison system was inherited.

A thought flashed through Su Ran's mind.

"Go, go down!" .

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Blood, arms: six sources of blood toughness (5). .

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