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"The Ascension Ceremony should be prepared for the old man." ... how can i apply for a small loan with no interest

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According to his original prediction, he had already fooled Li Zhong away, so at this time, the test of the Nine Heavens Boundary Monument was almost over. .

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"Then Master, what do you want to do when you accept me as an apprentice?" ...

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"Is this volcano..."

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Xie Yin only took one look, and immediately burst out laughing.

"If the supernatural attainments shown by the opponent can touch my sword intent, then if I activate it at this moment, the sword intent will become the artistic conception of the corresponding form!"

Does the object of depravity have to be human?

"The entry [Strong Man's Difficulty] is useless, and I didn't expect that the final enemy would be not a human being. [Rage to the Crown] is still in effect, but it's not a competitive game anymore..." An Ran couldn't help but sighed in her heart .

"The eighth heaven. Before that, it was the ninth heaven. There is a stone gate made of two stone tablets. I passed the test behind the stone gate. I was walking back from the first heaven, but I happened to bump into you."

The latter is essentially derived from the art of controlling the sword, which is just a magical power of the way of the sword.

"Speaking of which, why do I feel like Wangxiantai is throwing up..."

"The decision is up to you." An Ran immediately made a decision and captured it in the synthesis interface of the new system.

Such a simple and easy-to-understand explanation made Wang Zhengchu feel a bit dumbfounded when he was nervous.

Due to Wan Yunjing's sudden injury, the atmosphere around the Nine Heavens Boundary Monument became stagnant for a while. .

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But at this time, Elder Fei Ling arrived late. .

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