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Lu Xi just sat up straight like a carp, and he became energetic in an instant, staring at the TV with shining eyes. ... is the sweetwater credit card always interest free?

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"Up to you." Deng Chang said. .

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Three jumps and two falls, basically ruined Lu Xi's gold medal goal, because even if he had not yet played Chisato Orihara, Deng Chang's short program score of 105+ would have left him by at least 10 points. ...

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Deng Chang didn't speak any more, and ran after him.

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"No." Deng Chang replied naturally, "It has nothing to do with you."

On the next day, in the men's singles free skating field, Lu Xi scored 200.02, with a total score of 300. The free skating short program topped the Chinese championship with a high score of 200.02, followed by Asano Subaru with 295.22. Afterwards, Deng Chang won the gold medal at the French station, and Lucy won the silver medal at the Russian station. The two children each achieved one gold and one silver, and secured their places in the Grand Prix finals.

Seeing that Lu Xi and Deng Chang were in trouble, Liu Xinyu was very proud every day, humming a little song and skating on the ice.

"Cultural tutoring?" Lu Xi looked at Deng Chang in shock, "You should know that I am a sports student with very low score requirements, right?"

Lu Xi's arm around his back exerted a lot of strength, which is the strength of an athlete, and it will definitely leave traces tomorrow, but Deng Chang wished that he used more strength.

The windows were a little open, and it was actually a bit cold when the wind came in.

"I think so, what do you think?" Lucy asked.

Chen Qi grabbed his arm again and dragged him back abruptly.

Chen Qi also said, "Don't make things big, let Deng Chang think about whether there is anything that can prove that Baotouer did these things. On my side...whether it is a misunderstanding or it is true, I will also use Check out my channel."

In their eyes, Lucy said that the goal is the championship, but not winning the championship is the original sin. .

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Lucy was shocked: "How do you know the password of my mobile phone?" .

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