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how to apply for a loan with a cosigner - how to get out of a hard money loan . What awakened Qianshan today was not the warm sunshine, but the ringtone of Zhao Feifei's cell phone. |.

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Qian Shan knocked on the table at the front desk: "What are you doing in a daze?" .

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"Come on!" Dong Junmao waved his fists left and right, looking anxious. ...

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"Ah?" Before Qianshan could react, Pang Dongyan said anxiously: "Okay, let's not talk about it. When you see an empty car, talk about it later!"

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As time passed, Zhao Feifei also switched from her mobile phone to Qianshan's computer, with paper and pens in front of her, recording some suitable housing sources she found.

"No, no matter whether I buy it or not, it will be very helpful to improve my business level, and thank you for going to see the house with me." Pang Dongyan pursed her lips and smiled, looking very happy.

The rock man also raised his hand to help her wipe away tears, and his rough but warm hand caressed her milk-like white face. .

While walking back, Qian Shan took out his mobile phone and wanted to send a message to Pang Dongyan, but he didn't know what to send, so he finally stuffed the mobile phone back into his pocket.

"Brother Shaoyan, everyone is waiting for you..." the little witch said weakly, without the arrogance and cheerfulness of the past, she was also infected by the repressed atmosphere.

Chu Shaoyan was startled, and suddenly sighed softly: "Sometimes I wonder, am I really worthy of your love?"


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Cheng Fighting had tested the potion before, presumably it should not be difficult to test the shelf life, just wait for it. .

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