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There is only one mountain road in the middle, connecting the two ends. The mountain walls on both sides are extremely steep, which makes people feel desperate at first glance, and it is difficult for apes to climb! .

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"Pretending to be a ghost! Come out!" ...

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In addition, Guiyuan Daozong is the one who threatens Xia Qian more!

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At this moment, the bloodthirsty tiger king Dong Tiannan shouted from behind Xia Gan!

Under such circumstances, it is enough for him to sit in the third row. He will not show off the mountain or leak water. After the banquet is over, he will leave calmly and complete the role he came here.

The other party was obviously taken aback, and asked for a moment: "Okay."

"Isn't Xia Gan miserable! The four evildoers of Guiyuan Daozong nicknamed Dragon, Tiger, Leopard and Crane, each of which is a gift from the sky, if they want to kill Xia Gan, it is equivalent to the king of Hades hooking the judge's pen, life and death Impermanence will immediately come to claim your life, there is absolutely no hope of surviving!"

The two were so angry that they fell down!

At this moment, the giant spirit demon ape has also discovered Yi Qingyi, Zhong Nishang, and the mysterious man who suddenly appeared, slapped his chest with both hands, and roared to the sky!


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At this moment, there were sounds of speeding up the whip from all directions around Xia Gan! .

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