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【apply for a small loan with chase bank 】 Longshan bodyguards? 。

It should be that the bone of the opponent's right hand was directly crushed.

thump thump——

"Could it be..."

The Iron Armored Bull was lying about two hundred steps away from him, blood was scattered everywhere.

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Li Jiang on the side is ignorant, he doesn't know about legendary Gu worms and ordinary Gu worms.
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The previous experience was too sudden, and Su Ran didn't even have a good understanding of it. This time, he decided to try it first, at least to confirm the process of capturing Gu worms with golden characters.
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Su Ran doesn't stick to details, doesn't care much about where he stays, he can live in any restaurant, and it's not necessary to visit the city, so he directly replied: "I want to go to the Ten Thousand Gu Building first, and check about the mother-child seven-star Gu."
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If there is enough money, there is a chance to get a Gu worm in Longshan Village.
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"Zhou Fu?" Li Fei raised his head and tried to shout.
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"That's natural," Qian Buer said with a smile, "Actually, Brother Su doesn't have to worry about the revenge of the son Gu, the strength of the son Gu is in the first-grade category, only the mother Gu is strong, but the mother Gu is generally not born, the son Gu The mother's memory will not be shared, and you don't need to worry about the mother's Gu."
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The meaning of upgrading the same kind is to put together the same kind of Gu worms of the same rank and let them fight with each other. In the end, one Gu worm will become the king and swallow the other Gu worms that were defeated. It is very cruel to become a second rank, a second rank to a third rank, stepping on the corpses of the same kind to rise to a higher rank.
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As the parent and son of the original owner of the Four Villages, as long as his father is alive and he can condense the fire seeds, he will not be short of blood fire gu, so he forgot that Li Jiang would be short of blood fire gu.
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