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Changlong tightened his legs almost subconsciously, and then... ... credit card with free interest and rewards

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I don't want to get in trouble. " ...

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Unwillingly, Juyan spun in circles and said, "Patience? I feel like I'm going crazy!"

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Chu Shaoyan made a sign first, then smiled and said: "Yes, I have something to talk to him about."

On the third day, he looked at Jiang Li who was sleeping like a dead pig while he roared, and completely gave up the idea of continuing to work hard. So I started to find the remote control, squatted on the sofa and watched TV...

Hot blood sprayed Jiang Dahai's face, but there was no trace of fear on his face, only excitement. In half a minute, Jiang Dahai stabbed more than a dozen knives in a row.

After Toyotomi Maaya discussed the specific plan, Chu Shaoyan ordered Gu Yue, the general manager of Longteng Group, to deal with the accident. At the same time, he asked his right-hand assistant Tang Hu to secretly investigate the truth behind the incident.

Chu Shaoyan seemed to have guessed that Zhang Kaixuan would bite back. Instead of showing anger, he stood up gently, walked slowly to the side of the gringo, and slowly opened the door under the tense expression of the gringo. up the hole card.

Then Jiang Li saw the four people in front of him, and their faces turned black at the same time!

After speaking, Jiang Li hung up the phone.

Du Xiaoling said: "My darling, this considered dizzy?"

Only then did the old man feel relieved: "Take it, take it."

After seeing Chu Shaoyan covered in blood by the light of the flashlight, several special police immediately raised their vigilance, only to hear one of the special police say coldly: "Hand over the weapon, and then squat there with your head in your arms!" .

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As for the superficial promise, to turn back after returning? In this situation, even if they had ten guts, they wouldn't dare to do that. Chu Shaoyan has the leader of the evil god Ka Suo's mercenary as a friend. And they don't blindly think that the second-rate bodyguards they hired can withstand the assassination of the retired special forces of the Snow Wolf Mercenary Corps. Afterwards, the bosses of the branch churches in several cities expressed their support for Chu Shaoyan. .

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