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Just now, when the five killers boarded the boat, Chu Shaoyan thought that their targets were Toyotomi Masano and Toyotomi Maaya. However, when the five people cast their eyes on Chu Shaoyan, Chu Shaoyan realized that the goal of the five people was not Toyotomi Masano and Toyotomi Maaya, but himself; although this made him a little confused, he believed in his own judge. ... balance transfer credit cards interest free

test. what is the risk free interest rate Chu Shaoyan did not answer Chen Bin's words immediately, but glanced at the policemen behind Chen Bin. ….

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Looking at the faint smile on the corner of Chu Shaoyan's mouth, Jiang Dahai suddenly felt a little chill all over. As Ye Jinlong said, Chu Shaoyan asked them to kill each other, which is indeed a bit despicable. .

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Chu Shaoyan nodded and then glanced at Ye Tianhe, seeing Ye Tianhe signaled him to continue: "I think the main purpose of your holding this Christmas party is to introduce the relationship Internet cafe to your successor. There are many people with special identities at the Christmas party today. They have enough power and money in their hands. And if you come forward to introduce your future successor at such a Christmas party, those people will pay attention even if they don’t approve of this successor. In this way, we will wait for you When you abdicate, it will be much easier for your successors to deal with them after using your bedding!" ...

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Jiang Wanquan's subordinates felt fear in their hearts after seeing their companions killed in a short while. They were just gangsters of the society, they were not fighters! It is not impossible to let them fight with guns! But the problem is that if you just go to die, no one wants to go! Facing Jiang Wanquan's threat, they did not act immediately. Obviously, the situation just now hit them too hard!

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"Minister Bai is serious." Ye Tianhe smiled slightly, neither appearing arrogant nor discouraged, at this time his true character of a hero was undoubtedly revealed.

Looking at Toyotomi Maaya's high buttocks, Chu Shaoyan's heart skipped a beat, he wriggled his Adam's apple and sat beside Toyotomi Maaya.

An hour later, Chu Shaoyan met Lu Lingyou at a coffee shop in the Four Seasons Chunshanzhuang Hotel. After all, the four girls had just completed a major life event last night, and were quite tired after shopping, so they consciously went to bed to rest after taking a bath.

Ah Hai? Hearing this familiar and kind address suddenly, Zhang Haohai's body couldn't help but tremble violently! His expression began to change gradually, from dumbfounded to surprised. In the end, he regained his composure, thought for a while and said, "Brother, we brothers have known each other for at least twenty years."

"Chu Shaoyan, let's read the ledger on a donkey, we'll see!" Zhang Kaixuan's expression changed drastically in a panic, and then he said to the two bodyguards behind him, "Let's go!"

More than twenty years.

However, before he came back to his senses, Chu Shaoyan opened the car door, lifted the taxi driver from the driving seat as if he was carrying a chicken, and said quickly: "Come and pick up the car at the Sanlian Club later. !"

Chu Shaoyan waved his hands and said, "Is Ye Jinlong still alive?"

"Okay, Mr. Chu." Mike said and cut off the connection.

"President Ye just asked me to go to your Ryukyu Mansion in Dongying to deal with the Guam gang. Now that the matter has been dealt with, it's time for me to leave." Chu Shaoyan smiled and said: "In the past few days , It’s been a pleasure working with everyone, Chu here is very grateful for your support!” Chu Shaoyan stood up and bowed to everyone. .

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Hearing what Chu Shaoyan said, the young dealer finally couldn't take it anymore, she suddenly squatted down, hugged her head and cried. .

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