what are the steps in getting a home loan
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【why do i need a loan 】 Joining under the name of another prince, Prince Han will no longer be able to do anything to Zhongyuzhou, nor will he be able to trouble you easily. 。

"What's the explanation?" Su Ran became serious, Gu Immortal is also the opponent he has to face, and he can know that one point is one point.

As for the specific number of each type of Mythical Gu, there are no more than two.

What he is doing now is like forcibly integrating himself into the group of Gu masters.

"That's right, I also feel chills on my back, did Su Ran get something?" A Gu master responded.

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Su Ran was lost in thought.
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Counting from the time when Su Ran escaped from Duantianyuan, but half an hour later, the five hundred miles around Duantianyuan as the center had all turned into a strange sea.
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Within the poison domain, the Rain Covering Needle cannot be dodged.
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Listening to Jingmo's words, Su Ran couldn't help but think of the words that Jingmo said before to control ghosts.
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The Gu controller had seen the effect of breaking through the void before, so he was prepared to speed up directly.
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Su Ran didn't make any attack moves.
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Fly all the way to the depths of the treacherous sea.
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