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【how often refinance mortgage 】 The location of the slurry area is well planned, evenly distributed within the range of Beigong Ling. 。

Tendons and veins: nine sources of floating and congealing (5).

Aren't you afraid of Changqingzi's questioning?

The Qishengqin was also refined by the soldiers of Yangyue, but when holding the Qishengqin, it never happened that the seal of the main moon became hot.

Bei Gonghan's face changed drastically. At this moment, how could he not understand that the strongest person beside Bei Gonghen was not a Daoist who returned to life at all, but the Patriarch of Heishan who had always been notorious!

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"I'm so worried tonight, where did you go? Did you really meet a strong enemy?"
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Su Ran felt that the woman seemed to be interested in his body...
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The two of them didn't know the means by which they died until they died, and they didn't understand that even if Su Ran was the most powerful in the middle domain, the two of them wouldn't be killed without even a little resistance.
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"My lord, don't stay here for too long, there may be pursuers coming later, we have to return to Beigong City as soon as possible!" Ouyang Qi reminded.
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There are still many human races remaining in Outland.
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You must quickly integrate the two Mythical Gu into your body!
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