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started off in brooklyn with a small loan of million dollars - small business start up loan with a co signer through a bank loans . Just sitting, a large number of people gathered around, Lei Zhe had no choice but to choose another country, but there is one thing that is more convenient here, and that is to get an identity certificate. |.

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And a hundred meters ahead, there are layers of white jade-like stairs, up to ten feet wide, leading to a huge portal with a height of one hundred meters, with four large characters written on it, Xuantian is authentic! .

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"Huh? What is this guy doing? Why don't you try to demonstrate the Sword Art of the Red Dust? Stand there with your eyes closed in a daze?" ...

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"I think he has forgotten all the sword tactics? He can't even remember the first sword move, and his mind is blurred, let alone want to demonstrate the sword move? Isn't this a dream for thousands of years?"

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Went to Guixu to explore, but rarely received much. I didn't expect that Qin Yanran would get Ziqi Donglai's powerful martial arts there, which really surprised Xia Gan.

In fact, he has already hidden it!

This is the effect Lei Zhe wants. He needs these people to slowly infiltrate Rost's reputation into the Holy Empire. There is no Internet here, and no photos can be taken. It takes time to publicize even the most beautiful things. .

"It may be that my feelings are wrong, but it really has nothing to do with that woman Sophia. The power that makes me palpitate is different from Sophia."

"Eight points? Go to Aaron." Without thinking about it, Aaron's selling speed and price must be higher than other auction houses. Only when more people go to the auction house will the item be sold at a good price or even It is sky-high.

"Whoever wants to come up to watch it, come up, Robbir, send someone to connect to the energy source."

Skillfully opened the package, and simply put the potato chips into Irene's mouth.


But at this moment, when the two saw Huang Xiaolin, their hearts were shocked, and their eyes became extremely serious!

Speaking of this, she shook her head, with a lonely expression, quite a feeling of being unable to find a bosom friend in the mountains and rivers. .

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Just some snacks made a few girls greedily eat them. These earth snacks are extremely pleasing both in taste and appearance. Women in the 21st century cannot escape their magic, let alone this first time. Met the snack woman. .

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