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"Even, the person who attacked and killed Beigonghen was the eldest son. Once Beigonghen died, the eldest son will naturally become the first son." ... small business loan without collateral

test. is national small loan check loan The second son frowned slightly, this Su Ran, something is wrong! ….

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Su Ran didn't stop running towards Lei Gonghou, her right hand pierced into Lei Gonghou's body and grabbed an Immortal Gu. .

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Su Ran directly dodged to the side of the rank two Gu Immortal, with his right fist carrying the power of high-level true poison, his fist pierced through the fog and the power of wind erosion. ...

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Bei Gonghen and You Qu looked at each other and smiled, this doesn't mean that Su Ran was seriously injured!

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Second, you can use this to search for a large amount of practice resources.

The four Saint Immortals led the rank nine Gu Immortals to explore the Demon Palace, but the Seventh Prince, who took over the Yuyi King's collar, was not very interested at this time.

You know, where Bei Gonghen is located, no Gu essence was produced at all.

"Moon Lord!"

Old Demon came to see him specially, presumably to give him this ice puck.

"Ah?" Su Ran's head was full of black lines.

What he has to do now is to wait for Nangongmian to appear and see which area Nangongmian will appear.

The only pity is that he didn't get Rank 5 Thunder Domain Gu in Nanshan City this time.

Su Ran added: "Old Demon ordered me not to show the extreme power to outsiders, but ten days ago, Daokun Shengxian's disciple Fumoshangxian suspected my identity, and when he investigated me, he forced me to I said I would give the Ancient Sage Immortal a copy of the Extreme Territory Power, so I had no choice but to give it to the Immortal August.”

Moreover, the distribution of the first-class territory is also different, and it is generally concentrated and contiguous, which is convenient for management. .

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He guessed that the second prince had a hole card, but he didn't expect that the hole card was actually the second prince himself. .

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