i need a small loan asap
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【small business bankruptcy owner has loan 】 A Gu appeared in Ouyang Qing's hands, it was the sound of waves Gu. 。

These five rare second-grade Gu were all upgraded from Qiao Yan's original first-grade Gu, using family resources.

"Welcome the guests!"

The Divine Gu Dao is another way of cultivation that was researched by the predecessors many years ago because they could not become a Gu Master. It can be said that the Divine Gu Dao represents a brand new cultivation system.

Su Ran said lightly: "Now we can say that no matter who you are as the master, it can't change the fact that you are Jiyue. Whether you will be let go or not depends on your performance."

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"Even if you consider Gu skills, it can't compare to my protracted combat power."
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The beautiful woman's voice startled the few people on the field.
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