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【small business loan programs madison wi 】 "It's too late... Everyone, let's do it too!" 。

Is it possible to create an artificial reincarnation?

The Great Xia Kingdom on the other side of the ocean once sent a team of envoys to visit Xianqin.

And now An Ran has transformed again, becoming the envoy of the so-called Zhenxian Pavilion!

He was about to exhale fragrance at the beginning, but after thinking about it, his tone softened.

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【Connected successfully】
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Compared with Baidi, Bo Xun and other giants, he is much inferior to the supreme fairy king.
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An Ran's smile has never been so bright for a moment: "As long as she dares to try it out, the Tianyin Realm will definitely explode, like a ball of fireworks, incomparably bright and gorgeous."
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Even An Ran couldn't help feeling terrified at this moment.
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Forget it, he didn't really expect the system to be of any help.
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In the outside world, only an instant has passed.
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In addition to Godmother, there are also old monsters from the ancient forbidden zone, those giants in the forbidden zone, all waiting for the moment when the two universes are compatible, and the new heavenly way is not yet born, so that they can take advantage of the moment to enter!
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All in all, all in all, it was Bo Xun's fault.
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