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【how large a loan can we qualify for 】 "Wild disaster, wild disaster, wild disaster..." 。

Another red warm lotus seed entered the stomach.

"No wonder."

"It's done, cowhide Gu, it's really a defense Gu! You're lucky!"

Su Ran prefers the latter for two reasons.

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Obviously, someone in the Yun family died.
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Hua Yan was stunned, no wonder Qu'er said to go to Longshanzhai to meet her old friend, but she couldn't say it after meeting Su. It turned out that Qu'er felt that the subgu in Longshanzhai had died.
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The movement reappears.
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"Oh, I am Lengqian, from Jiugouzhai."
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Man A in black: "This time the escorts from the entrance of the North Gu Dao are the Invincible Escort Company, the Weifu Escort Company, and the Bully Escort Company. A large caravan dares to pass by alone."
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Even Qian Buer and Feng Jieren were startled. Su Ran obviously had the upper hand in this punch, and before Su Ran lost to Young Master Qiao...
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"Recently, the number of villagers in the village has been severely reduced. Next, let's talk about going to the Gu Dao gathering this time..."
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By the way, his mother is also a Gu master.
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