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Chonghua said: "The current criminal law is the five cruel punishments that Chi You made for the Yellow Emperor? It is specially used to punish those who are evil? ...Is there any contradiction in this world? If one person kills another person's whole family, and the other person kills back? Then what is this...." .

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Chisongzi thought for a while, and said: "The rain is out of order, and everything is out of order. This is the case with Hengyang. If the sun shines all the time, it is a drought instead of fire virtue. Guangrong Tianxia is not like this." ...

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It's just that this thing has to be shipped from the south, and of course the secret recipe will not be announced.

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Yan Zai laughed: "There is no fighting or killing in this world, remember, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality and justice..."

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Ying Long chatted with this group of people, chatting and chatting, people from Tui Yuan's family started chatting.

I've moved house five times and each time it didn't end well.

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The monstrous fire covered the mountains, and the blazing fire swayed across the sky. The warriors who opened up the wasteland had already run far away, only to see two 30-foot-tall flame giants rising into the sky, taller than adults. China is twice as tall! .

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