which credit card starts with 6
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【when to use your credit card 】 Ye Tianhe on the other end of the phone has already received the news, and he already knows what happened. At this time, he was a little surprised to hear what Chu Shaoyan said, but his tone did not change at all: "Shaoyan, I will ask Yongzi to arrange some bodyguards for you later." 。

Chu Shaoyan was a little surprised that Ye Tianhe would arrive in Nanxiong City in 48 hours. After all, it would not be easy for Ye Tianhe to recover Zhang Haohai's Sanlian branch within 48 hours. However, if Ye Tianhe can't regain Zhang Haohai's power, with the current relationship between the two, Ye Tianhe's life will probably be in danger!

When they saw Chu Shaoyan's car, they didn't stop it, and they didn't go up to say hello, but let it go. Obviously, because of the relationship between Chu Shaoyan and Jiang Dahai, they would not get close to Chu Shaoyan. As for making trouble with Chu Shaoyan, they have not yet reached that level.

Outside the passageway of the airport, Chu Shaoyan saw Ka Suo: Ka Suo is a white man with short hair, his eye sockets are slightly sunken, and there is a cold light in those blue eyes; basically no one is within five meters of his body. , followed by two black men, both of them were tall and tall, with very indifferent expressions.

"Team leader, all the people on the first floor are dead, and the people from the Sanlianhui are coming up!" A dark Guam gang rushed up from the corridor in embarrassment.

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"Sorry, Doctor Zhou." Chu Shaoyan picked up the phone and walked aside to connect.
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"Chu Shaoyan, don't sow discord, it's useless to me!" Before Jiang Dahai could speak, Ye Jinlong gave Chu Shaoyan a disdainful look.
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Because he seemed to have known each other before these two luxury cars! How can there be such a coincidence in the world? At this moment Chu Shaoyan wondered if his eyes were blurred.
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"Why?" Chu Shaoyan was a little curious when A Bao asked him this.
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After finishing speaking, Luo Feidike continued without waiting for Chu Shaoyan to speak: "Brother Chu, my dear friend, what have you been up to these past few months? Just half a month ago, I gave a message to Toyotomi, the governor of Dongying Ryukyu. Maaya called and she said that many things have happened to you recently."
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"The head of the dignified Snow Wolf mercenary group and the bodyguard of the strongest special forces ever dare to kill me?" General Cai Ba smiled at Ka Suo and Chu Shaoyan knowingly, then raised his head and stepped forward without fear. Into the mourning hall.
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At the same time, David Hua also walked up to Chu Shaoyan and said, "Chu Shaoyan, it seems that you, a newcomer from Sanlian who came from internal strength, did a good job! You actually borrowed a knife to kill Ye Jinlong. You are so brilliant." David Hua The voice was so low that no one else heard it except Chu Shaoyan and Ye Ruoxi.
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After saying all this, Chu Shaoyan suppressed the desire to kill Jiang Dahai in his heart, then dialed Mike's phone and said, "Mike, come to the hall, I have a task for you to do."
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