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【how to redeem citi points to pay mortgage 】 Hong Chao helped Yuzai get a lot of key materials. He searched for them in the mountains, because Yuzai wanted to make an old astronomical telescope. 。

But today, a few wizards among the refugees came, saying that they had received a new oracle from the Chishui woman.


"If Chong Bo had followed Gong Gong's advice and asked the people to evacuate first, and then dig the embankment, the damage might not have been as great as later!"

"Sacrificing mountains and rivers, using white rice and deer, chicken, fish..."

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Soon Dongyi's interior also split. The tribes that were unwilling to fight moved out, and the tribes that were willing to fight formed a new group.
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"When encountering swamps and saline-alkali land, leave quickly. If you encounter the enemy in a swamp, you must seize a favorable area close to aquatic plants and backed by woods..."
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But I have to admit that luck is also part of strength!
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I am not an official of the Central Plains!
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Exile alone would have wasted a lot of manpower and material resources. Chonghua decided to have a good talk with Qiongqi and carry out laborist ideological reform.
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So the music of "Jiuyuan" was broadcast as scheduled.
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On the third day, the Jinyun family dispatched a large number of people to search and arrest everywhere, threatening to "retaliate".
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"I heard that during the battle of the Great River, the reason why Xu You attacked Wuwu was because Marquis Yang moved the waves and helped the Central Plains army cross the Great River without anyone noticing..."
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