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Ancestor Heikui then laughed at himself: "Hehe, all the major forces think that the Douyuan is obtained by me, or I only know the exact clues of the Douyuan, but they don't know that I haven't even seen the Douhuan. It's no wonder I was indexed by the line of the bucket turntable. .

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Su Ran looked at Wang Gouyan: "Is Tianhuang City still intact?" ...

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On the way, he tried to swallow the Qiling fruit many times, but it was really hard to swallow. The nausea came not only from the sense of taste, but also from the depths of his heart.

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The Misty Forest is a vast area of fog, accounting for one-fifth of the Savage Domain.

"Wait a minute, according to the twelve-character proverb, the premise of the shattering of the Central Territory is the change of the fruit of the gods. What kind of fruit is the fruit of the gods?"

The demon turned around and said lightly: "Name, cultivation level, identity, when it appeared, and how it was discovered."

Su Ran was about to leave.

Qu Jinghong and Gong Jiuhuang were stunned, and Gong Jiuhuang's expression changed drastically: "Not good! It must be that Chang Qingzi came early! Or came to the Central Territory four days earlier!"

"Why are you looking at me? I'm not a gentleman. If a gentleman says something, it's useless to me."


Although Zi Yi was smiling, his palms were tightly gripped, as if he was sweating.

Why is everyone sad?

Ouyang Qi has nothing to do with Yue Nuer, if he really wants to take Yue Nuer as the scapegoat, Ouyang Qi can do it naturally, as long as he can protect the Central Territory and avoid the suspicion of breaking the Central Territory. .

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Su Ran was stunned. .

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