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Like Song Ga, Zhao Erwa was worried about Wang Sanpang's current situation. .

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"Squad leader, your craftsmanship is really good, can I have another bowl?"

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Chang Lian'an had already planned the search route on the way here.

Tanlang nodded, and ordered the soldiers in the camp to search according to Feng Jun's order.

Never made a quilt like this before.

"Idiot!" Chu Shaoyan gave Ye Jinlong a pitiful look and said, "Ye Jinlong, I thought you were a very smart guy before, but now it seems that you are just a piece of wood! It's no wonder that you have been planning carefully for so long, and in the end you have taken advantage of Jiang. Old! You can only plan so far!"

Listening to Chu Shaoyan's decision, Toyotomi Maaya did not ask Chu Shaoyan the reason for doing so, but nodded slightly.

After hearing Li Yanan's answer, Wang Changlin nodded and sat down beside Li Yanan.

Li Wei also has one in his hand.

No one dared to talk about the squad leader's anger at this moment.

These are stipulated by the House Regulations. .

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Just after Fan Jianzhong finished speaking, he threw out the password and key written by Cheng Gong just now. .

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