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【for small business is it more advantageous to pay off loan or out equity when comes to tax 】 Ajiao laughed "chichi": "If the tattoo is on, big brother kisses you there every day, wouldn't it be kissing the kitten every day? Haha, it's so funny!" 。

Later, when Tong Xi was depressed and puzzled behind closed doors and thinking about the past, Xiao Xi gathered in a relatively secret small restaurant to celebrate the beginning of success.

Luo Mingdong nodded and said, "Come with me."

Amid all these turmoil, the year was coming to an end, and before New Year's Day, Shangguan Manor welcomed several guests: Zhu Luo, Toyotomi Maaya, and Ye Qinrong.

Chu Shaoyan asked: "Where are you going?"

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Chu Shaoyan nodded helplessly. In fact, after the change of mentality, Chu Shaoyan has long regarded Cheng Yu as his forbidden son, not to mention Nangong Cheng Yu's personality is gentle and pleasant, charming and caring.
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Jiangbei, Tonglu County, is located at the confluence of Fuchun River and Fenshui River. Thousands of rocks are competing for beauty, thousands of valleys are competing for flow, and the vegetation is covered with clouds. It is a place of outstanding people, and the beauty of the scenery is almost second to none in Jiangbei.
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Today, after this guy drank a few more glasses of wine, he was so excited that he brought his colleagues and friends to let them meet the woman he liked, and let them appreciate the famous Ye Lily in Jiangcheng's business circle.
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"Ah, what?" Zidie was dumbfounded, then laughed, messing up the rock man's hair, and drawing circles on his face continuously.
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"Xiao Qizi, go find out the origin of that arrogant woman!"
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"Yeah. Shaoyan, I really miss you loving me..." Guan Nuoxue said in a low voice.
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Not to mention fat people like tyrannosaurus rex, even Wang Shijie and Zhang Zhang have received professional training, and their fights are definitely not comparable to these street gangsters. Left-handed and chopping, three in and three out, three out and three in, like a land where no one is around, each of them really has the majesty of the martial arts god Changshan Zhao Zilong fighting Changbanpo!
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Parking the car near the Binjiang Sub-bureau building, Chu Shaoyan turned off the air conditioner a little bit, then got out of the car and clipped a piece of paper on the windshield wiper to block the sun for her. When the sun was directly shining just now, the policewoman had been frowning with her thick black eyebrows in her sleep, and she couldn't help raising her hand to brush away the glaring strands of hair.
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