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【mortgage rate us 】 Of course, that was just a bad idea. 。

It seems that Jiang Dahai's arm couldn't bear the force of Chu Shaoyan's leg, Jiang Dahai's body slammed into the wall hard, and the strong impact made him dizzy! Perhaps because of the severe pain from his arm, or perhaps because of the extreme fear in his heart, cold sweat oozed from Jiang Dahai's forehead. Looking at Chu Shaoyan who was getting closer and closer to him, his heart rose to his throat! His heart was occupied by something called death!

However, although the second daughter's eating posture is a bit indecent compared to when eating Western food, she is much more elegant than some people around her. In addition, the two daughters are both top-notch beauties, which immediately attracted the attention of many people around them.

For the local media, he thinks it's better to say hello, otherwise who knows what nonsense they will say! As soon as the call was made, Ye Qiu said, "Uncle Xu, you should immediately say hello to the Longhai media, especially the Longhai Daily, and tell them to shut up."

Where did so much money come from?

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But as soon as Yan Meng's good story was said, Ye Qiu stared back at it.
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What happened that night made Yan Mengjia angry all the time, but now that Ye Qiu brought the matter to the dinner table and said it so grandly, Yan Mengjia's petulant temper immediately exploded.
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After that, Chu Shaoyan stayed with Ye Tianhe in the hotel for a while. At two o'clock in the noon, Chu Shaoyan received a call. After the call was connected, Chu Shaoyan left the hotel. Came downstairs and stopped a taxi, Chu Shaoyan said in broken Hokkien: "Go to the pier."
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"My mother thought we were all a family at the time, so I didn't ask you to make a written statement. We borrowed money as a favor, but you have to pay it back."
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Liu Rumeng sighed tiredly, unwilling to say another word.
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"Ye Qiu, that person on the Internet is you, my God, why are you so popular?"
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After a while, Yang Qingyue hung up the phone and came back, her eyes were a little red, her face was not the same as before, and she looked very depressed.
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Chu Shaoyan's willpower is much stronger than that of ordinary people, but at this time, under the flood of medicine, can he keep calm in the face of such a super product that many men can't resist?
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