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【business startup loan with no income and no collateral 】 This person is quite a strong point and one who seldom backs down. But after arriving in Jiangcheng, it seemed that they were suddenly different people. They lived in secluded places and hardly participated in any public activities except receiving a few visiting dignitaries. As a result, the front page of Jiangcheng media has never been news about the number one person in Jiangcheng. Xiao Zhengnan and Tong Zhengbei's remarks and photos—even after the Minister of Propaganda Zhao Dahua took refuge in him, he still did so. 。

Chu Shaoyan looked up at Mingyue and said, "Your sister Zetian's trust in me is beyond your imagination. Besides, how smart she is, can you hide Goddess Huading with such a small trick?"

Luo Yun hugged him but sobbed and cried: "It's you, I was always pure. It was you who made me suddenly become a mother; I used to be serious, but you made me a dissolute Woman! Woohoo... like a woman in some movies..."

Jiang Zhengfeng smiled faintly: "Comrade Hao Zhen, I didn't criticize Sang Huai. Regarding the building of a clean and honest government, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee entrusted me with responsibility, and Comrade Lin Xiurong was one of them. strongly oppose."

Zhao Xiu looked at Long Junyu who was still struggling on the table, and could not help showing a little disgust in his eyes, and said: "I will go to see her with you, the last time Shangguan always invited me to drink coffee, I happened to be at I'm busy, so I can't go!"

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At this time Shangguan Lingjiao also stood up suddenly and said: "Mr. Police, I have a question!"
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But Chu Shaoyan resisted slightly in his heart, and bowed slightly: "Hello, I am Chu Shaoyan, welcome to invest in Huaxia."
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Zhu Qixia smiled and asked: "Sister Li Rongrong, can our Mr. Chu really make trouble so that you can't sleep all night?"
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Although under the cover of the helicopter, the person who came came was almost silent, but Shi Danda, relying on his keen sixth sense, sensed the murderous intent, kicked his feet suddenly, and his whole body fell backwards!
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"Woo!" Xu Cen finally broke down completely, desperately nodded at Chu Shaoyan, and only then did he signal that he was willing to confess!
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Chu Shaoyan suddenly said: "Secretary Luo, when he met Secretary Siyuan, he said that Ji Zhonghao's problem was discovered by the Suzhou City Committee. As for me, I was mainly entrusted by the Suzhou City Committee to help find evidence."
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At the moment, the world-class killer Hiller is doing nothing but manipulating a missile to destroy this position.
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Xiao Zhengnan smiled faintly: "No need, this is under the jurisdiction of the municipal government, I think I can still bear this responsibility."
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