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Yan Zai spoke very clearly and carefully. In short, it was a tasteful speech. .

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An Ran's footsteps stopped suddenly. ...

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The high priest's eyes circled around: "This is Xunshan, this is Gaoshi's family, and above is Xunshan's family! The tribe's own private rules are restrained here, and it is not beautiful for God to see."

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The big man said it to Da Dengshe, but Da Dengshe whimpered twice, but didn't dare to refute loudly. The kind of grievance and groping is like a kindergarten parent who sees the teacher taking care of him, and is not easy to lose his temper.

The boy in the yellow shirt nodded slightly, and instead of taking back the mysterious fruit tree, he raised it up again, like a big tree-shaped umbrella, covering everyone under the umbrella.

Ancient Immortal Yuxu frowned and pondered for a long time, but still did not come to a satisfactory conclusion, so he could only shake his head stiffly: "Perhaps even if they are both immortals, the immortals of the two universes are different. It's a pity that a tragedy happened at the end of the last universe. , except for the God Mother Taoist friends, almost no one has survived to this era..."

Yan Fou called Yan Meng, and said in an extremely solemn and low tone: "Although Mo Hong was expelled by the Shi family, he left the Xunshan area. We are far away from Nanqiu. If...they Attack us on the way, when the time comes, I will bring thirty people to stop them, you, take the copper ax and drive back to the tribe."

The migration of the tribe is not over yet, according to the guidelines left by the old witch before his death, the migration is still going on!

However, An Ran breathed a sigh of relief: "Sure enough, the pressure is similar to what I expected, and it is much less than the pressure of running directly into the chaos..."

In Wu's leather tent, Yu Zai and the old patriarch, as well as the older Yu Fou, Yu Tu, and even Yu Yu and Yu Shu, discussed whether to go to the southwest, and if so, what to do.

"Speaking of which, the immortals in the dream have nine realms, but our gods only have eight. Doesn't that mean that the gods are a head shorter than the immortals at the level of the extreme realm? What a strange thing! The great wonder of the world! "

"Bo Xun finally left the Immortal Universe, and we have the fragments of the Altar of Absolute Beginning in our hands!"

Huang Liyin choked for a moment, but was a little surprised: "There is such a thing? Why don't we know?" .

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The witch's chest heaved violently: "I was humiliated in Chaisang Mountain! The old man of the Jinghua clan dared to say that I have no talent or virtue, and suggested that I should resign as soon as possible. The snakes came from the west, and so did Dashui! They Jinghua clan's area and We are different, we are less affected by the flood, and we are not willing to lose our armor!" .

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