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"This... is Tianmen Town?" .

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Ling Jieyu slowly opened her eyes, the girl licked her lips, and quietly, she cast a Dao foundation, and her cultivation reached the first floor of the Dao Platform.

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Wang Zhengchu wanted to say something else, but he suddenly felt a jade tablet beating around his waist!

What's weird, what's noticeable?

Although the progress of Ling Jieyu and the others was not fast, they adhered to the principle of tempering themselves when there is nothing to do, and taking care of themselves when there is something to do, and there were no dangers along the way, and they have come to the middle of the Immortal Mansion at this moment!

The first thing that catches his eyes is a huge notice board at the entrance of Wenhua Pavilion. The notice board is full of brilliance, and different characters are continuously arranged:

The two walked towards the Tongxian Gate transformed by the Bagua diagram at the same time.

They have already asked to become immortals, so naturally they still have more ambitious pursuits, and want to see a wider world.

Master, feel free to fly, and take the blame yourself!

Suddenly, Taoist Fei Ling frowned, and took out the jade talisman with a little doubt.

As the saying goes, endure for a while, the more you think about it, the angrier you get.

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