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【504 sba loan sold business and became investor 】 The man glanced back at Yu Huangyan, and scolded: "A group of trash also want to copy my lair? Do you really think you are that monster?" 。

As for Mike, Ye Tianhe didn't ask Chu Shaoyan about his ins and outs and other backgrounds. Ye Tianhe had met Mike a long time ago, and Chu Shaoyan would become the new successor in a short time, so he naturally had the right to recruit his subordinates and helper.

But after seeing the scene where Jiang Li beat Mo Xigan and them, he suddenly realized that today seemed to be kicking the iron wall.

Jiang Li took it for granted, "Buy a house? Haven't you bought it before?"

Toyotomi Maaya paused for a while before continuing: "However, if at this time, if our biggest rival in the same city's business circle, Huajia, takes advantage of the problem, relying on Huajia's position as the overlord in the real estate industry, the real estate of the Century Garden we developed is estimated to be Can’t even sell one set!”

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Jiang Li narrowed his black eyes, then reached into his pocket to find out, and finally looked at Cheng Shu with an embarrassed expression: "I lost the cigarette, do you still have it?"
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Even Zheng Qingzhu, the president of the Bamboo Federation, who has always been known for his cruelty, felt a chill in his heart, but Chu Shaoyan's words angered him! He is the boss of the Bamboo Association, the only club leader in the entire island who can compete with Ye Tianhe, how can he be insulted by a fledgling boy like Chu Shaoyan?
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Jiang Li looked at Gu Xi's incomparably perfunctory smile and incomparably secondary cheer gestures, he was completely speechless...
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Although what Jiang Li said was outrageous, Cheng Shu didn't think Jiang Li did it because he didn't think the other party was a good person. He felt that Jiang Li must have his own unique method of judging bad guys!
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Jiang Li chuckled and said, "Do you think the two of us can stop now? Since it's destined not to stop, let's expose it. I also want to try the feeling of being a celebrity..."
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After finishing speaking, Chu Shaoyan said to Ye Tianhe and others: "Liu Dayong, after Mike and I throw the smoke bombs out, Mike and I will cover you, and you rush out with the president! After going out, spread out and leave through the back door! "
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Xie Lei was worried about this before, considering whether to betray Chu Shaoyan. After all, killing the leader of the president, and then the superior leader will grow up, such a thing is the most shameful thing in the society. Not only would he be hated by fellow gangsters, but even those from the outside gang would despise him; and Chu Shaoyan's phone call was like timely rain, dispelling the idea of rebellion by Sanlian Dongjiang branch leader Xie Lei.
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As for the others, when Guxi roared, they all lowered their heads and played with their fingers, as if this matter had nothing to do with them.
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