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【short term bad credit loans direct lender 】 What Su Ran cares about is how it will work with other high-level Gu techniques that rely on non-physical forces? 。

Huang Yao asked: "Where did you get the chance? How did you find so many Gu?"

Drifting quietly underground, Su Ran has only one purpose, to find the trace of the water mouse.

"Patriarch Heikui, it's not worth mentioning."

Seeing Su Ran's surprised look, Huang Yao said with a smile, "The technique of transforming form into shadow is not omnipotent, only what happens within half an hour can be revealed."

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What Su Ran is most concerned about is that after becoming a shadow guard, Wan Gu Building will provide a fifth-grade Gu worm for free.
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Especially poisonous eyes and poisonous ears... Absolutely!
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"Retreat quickly! The turntable player, die!"
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In addition, a large number of high-grade Gu beasts were found in the inheritance ground.
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"It's true that there are seven chess pits, but not a single chess piece."
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The two white-haired old men sitting cross-legged by the wall also opened their eyes, looking at Su Ran's back.
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A shuttle, only a hundred meters away.
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For the poisonous heart to take effect, the fist needs to touch the opponent's skin.
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