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test. where to apply for auto loan Jiang Li snorted and said, "I'm single because of my ability, what's so funny about you? You're single if you have ability!" ….

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In an instant, the mudslide was taken away lightly... .

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Speaking of this, the commander said bitterly: "This thing can't be stopped at all." ...

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Everyone laughed at the same time and said, "Awesome!"

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Seeing this scene, Jiang Li and Hei Lian's expressions were not right, and then they put up a thumbs up together and said: "Awesome!"

Then Liu Ru said bitterly: "I never thought that after holding it back for so many years, I would finally tell you everything.

Then Sister Hong twisted Jiang Li's ear directly, and shouted, "Oh...you little bastard, you've learned to question your old lady, haven't you?"

Wen Chuan shook his head helplessly, and continued to say a few words.

Fortunately, these people are not ordinary people, so after discussing with each other, they directly opened the plane door, letting the strong wind blow, they took a few long breaths of fresh air.

After all, although Jiang Li was powerful, they got the news later. Although they saw Jiang Li's strength on the battlefield, they couldn't put that invincible figure together with the rascal and lazy man in front of them.

Jiang Li said: "There are people around, can you be more respectable? Aren't you the Great Demon King? Where's your pride?"

Jiang Li spat out the following words: "The door!"

"Jiang Li, you're going too far. We use knives and forks, but you use your hands...can you be more particular?"

When Gu Xi was busy, Jiang Li stood by, his eyes following Gu Xi's lower body... .

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As for the devil, the old man really couldn't hold back any more, and said tremblingly, "That's... that's it." .

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