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When Feng Jun first arrived, Wang Sanpang noticed him. .

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After looking at the time, Guo Xun replied. ...

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The camp of the reconnaissance company is in a remote area under the city of NJ.

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While walking slowly, Xie Bing thought that Wang Sanpang hadn't arrived yet.

The loser can only survive for a week if he continues to look for food.

Zhang Yunxiang really didn't want to continue thinking about it. If it was really what he thought, then this matter would be really terrible.

Especially Wang Sanpang's father took off the watch that had accompanied him for more than 20 years on his wrist, and replaced it with the watch that Wang Sanpang bought.

Now the two sides can't say who is better and who is worse. It can be said that the chief officers of both sides can make very little effort, and it depends on the response of the troops below.

In the command car, Guo Hu didn't know how to describe his mood.

Seeing that Ye Jinlong was dead, Chu Shaoyan let out a sigh of relief: Although the president Ye Tianhe had entrusted him in Bei'ao City to keep the young master Ye Jinlong alive, Chu Shaoyan originally wanted to keep Ye Jinlong alive.

"Since you want to learn from each other, let me accompany you in two moves."

On the cooking team side of the camp, Wang Sanpang looked at the squad leader of the cooking team with a bitter face and said.

Hearing what Li Yanan said, Wang Guowei became even more excited. .

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