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In this place, go all the way to the north, climb over several mountains and a few pieces of water, you can reach the Bizyi Wilderness, continue to the west and south, you can reach the Cangwu Field... .

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When they turned around and came back, that weird Qi Refiner had disappeared!

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"Huh? Playing chess? You can also play chess?"

After Danzhu left, Ehuang immediately changed into another person, straightened his clothes, hummed a song and went out.

"Tell them that the Chifang clan is still alive! The future generations have never humiliated the glory of the ancestors, and the flame of Emperor Yan has been rekindled!"

And Danzhu here is a keel waterwheel! The imitation is Chikata's original small waterwheel, which was improved by Danzhu in order to expand the mulberry planting industry, and the round waterwheel cannot adapt to various terrains, so Danzhu fiddled with it.

The Great Wizard Kao discussed with Ying Long, saying that you are my favorite heart, the migrant worker I hold in my hand, the soul of a migrant worker, only you are the master!

The big witch came and listened for a while, his eyes gradually widened... Hastily pulled away the crowd, came to the front of the concubine, and put down a basket of various wild vegetables.

Of course, the Qi refiners have been waiting for a long time!

There are many tribes here, far away from Xuanyuan Hill and Chishui. Some tribes also migrated from the mountains and seas. When they arrived in this land of quicksand, the wild place, the life here is very primitive, and the situation is still in the early days of primitive society. The main source of life is gathering, hunting and grazing.

At the beginning Danzhu defeated Emperor Fangxun in three rounds, so Danzhu believed confidently that he would lose in three rounds.

Chonghua was even more embarrassed to be punished. .

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"According to what you said, why don't you find someone from Baiyue, Sanmiao, or the third department of Kunlun to settle the matter!" .

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