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【alberta student loan deadline 2019 】 Li Rongrong raised her head slightly, stared at him with bright black eyes, and asked gently: "You... are you tired of me like this?" 。

Under Chu Shaoyan's substantive gaze, Xu Feng nodded involuntarily.

The blow, the complete blow must have torn the nerves of the fragile and innocent Liu Danyan, making her in agony...

After driving away from the city hall, Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly, the previous words were all nonsense, only the last sentence had some value. According to the information collected by Huading Group, the relationship between Jiangbei Governor Li Anjun and Executive Vice Governor Li Shikun is not harmonious. Li Shikun colluded with the local faction in Jiangbei by virtue of his association and Baidao relationship, and confronted the governor's party in the city hall. Obviously, in the struggle between Huading Group and Ji Zhonghao, Li Anjun was on the side of Huading Group.

"Politics, so this incident has involved this dirty politics again!" Ye Jinlin sighed, "Shaoyan, sometimes I really want to leave the officialdom and the political circle. But how can I leave! Even if I don't become a policeman, What if you don’t become a cadre in this system? Whether you’re doing business or doing other work, you’ll always have to deal with these dirty things, aren’t you like this?”

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"What if I have protection?" Chu Shaoyan suddenly took a step forward, "I'll have someone bring your family to my protection immediately, do you believe me?
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This thought caused her soul to fall into hell in an instant. With trembling hands, she slowly stroked the man's face.
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After the three of them entered the inner room, Qiao Zhenlin got up to pour water because the secretary was not there. Wei Huatong stared at Wan Min sternly and said, "Secretary Wan, you always go to the Three Treasures Hall for nothing, what business do you need my cooperation for today? Please tell me."
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"Push the palace to pass the acupoint?" Hua Youlan couldn't help being surprised.
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"Here!" Hei Niu jumped up, his swarthy face flushed with excitement.
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Bai Feiyan suddenly realized that someone was walking towards her at this time, she quickly held Chu Shaoyan's arm tightly, and even leaned her head against the shoulder of the rocky man wearing sunglasses.
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Shangguan Zetian said: "An excellent political figure must first lower his stature. Shaoyan can't do this first, he is too arrogant; secondly, talent does not need to be outstanding, but the ability to grab credit must be outstanding. The so-called This is what it means to climb up by stepping on the shoulders of everyone; thirdly, the thick black school wants to get home, this black heart and thick skin, this is the key to officialdom. To be a politician, Shaoyan does not want to, and it is impossible to do it !"
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When the two men heard this, they looked at each other and could only smile wryly. Chu Shaoyan spread his hands regretfully and said, "Zi Die, your attack area is too wide."
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