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The current letter said that he would return to Longshan Village in five to seven days. ... ruth-in-lending benefit consumers when shopping for a loan?

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Su Ran walked back to her compound. .

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"Brother Li is right, Su Ran, you can accept it." ...

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Su Ran returned to her original state and changed her clothes again. There was no other effect on her body, except that the small meat ball in her throat felt a little painful, which was harmless.

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Qian Buer stayed in Longshanzhai for a few days, and was familiar with the general situation of Longshanzhai. He knew that Jiao Shuyuan suppressed the information of the people in Longshanzhai very badly, but he didn't know that the strange moon monster was also a common occurrence.


Su Ran's original idea was correct, double first-grade ultimate plus three times strengthened iron feet, can kill the opponent.

However, as long as the other party is willing to buy it, it's fine to touch it casually and find out the patina.

When Jiao Shuyuan and Liu Changwu rode their steeds to the front of the team, the whole team began to move slowly.

Could it be that the murderer is the master of the village?

The nine Gu worms were already facing the inch-headed man.

Otherwise, he can go to Lishan and Zhangjiuqing to find the map of Honggu Plain, and he can guarantee that his tracks will not be leaked.

Su Ran quickly withdrew from the state of heavy air, and shouted: "Brother Qian, Brother Feng, let's go."

While the two were talking, a beam of light suddenly flew towards them from outside the window. .

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"A bastard who doesn't know how to live or die, teach the master how to do things?" Qiao Yuan looked at the servant boy indifferently. .

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