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【alternative medical student loan 】 Ever since Chu Shaoyan came into contact with the president, Chu Shaoyan seemed to have become Jiang Dahai's nemesis. Chu Shaoyan once made him humiliated, and also won the trust of Ye Tianhe, which made him feel that he was useless. He could only live by gambling every day for the past two days, and now Chu Shaoyan injured his only relative in this world, which made him angry! 。

In the phone call just now, Chen Hua told Chu Shaoyan that the place where A Bao and Jiang Dahai and others clashed was the underground boxing arena.

"It's okay, okay." Chu Shaoyan smiled casually, already planning to turn his face in his heart.

The two couldn't help but smiled wryly, and Shangguan Zetian said: "Seeing her, I don't know why I think of my younger sister Lingjiao. They are really similar, from appearance to personality."

Lin Fei was shocked right now, he rolled aside before he even had time to warn everyone!

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Chu Shaoyan stopped Hua Zidie from continuing to abuse: "If you kill him now, it will be considered cheap for him. Hao Shengwen must be punished more severely and pay a heavy price for what he did."
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"Ah Hai, in fact, I have always felt that the days when we worked hard in the rivers and lakes were the happiest time in our life. Although we had one foot on the edge of the prison and the other on the edge of the Palace of Hades every day. But at that time, we We just work hard together for a better future, we don’t have any assets and we won’t betray each other. At that time, every day was very happy and fulfilling..." Ye Tianhe continued to recall his previous life, speaking softly , seems to be talking to Zhang Haohai, seems to be talking to himself.
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Hearing what Liu Yongshui said, Ye Tianhe relaxed a lot and said: "Let's go, let's go in and see him." But he thought to himself, if the masters of the Taiqing sect who belong to the same sect as my father, Mr. Ye, don't have strong vitality, then the world will be destroyed. I'm afraid it's really hard to find someone with stronger physical fitness.
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Embarrassed, the crew had to nod in agreement. There is a special relationship between this woman and Chu Shaoyan, which everyone is aware of.
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Chu Shaoyan was so embarrassed that he seemed to be out of control. He coughed and said, "Well... I mean, her level is not even as good as yours at the beginning, but she caught up with you after four years in Tsinghua University. I have confidence in you!"
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Chu Shaoyan's face froze slightly. Although he didn't accept the other party's love from the bottom of his heart, the man's exclusivity made him feel a little sour: "That Mr. Connor, how old was he at that time?"
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Wu Jialian said with emotion: "Then we will wait for the good news from Chief Lin!"
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Chu Shaoyan's sudden change made Shi Pinghu feel fear in his heart! As the local police chief, Shi Pinghu was just promoted, so he didn't know Chu Shaoyan's previous identity! Moreover, Chu Shaoyan's identity is extremely confidential in the Ryukyu Mansion, which is equivalent to a confidential document, and no one knows it at all!
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