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【construction mortgage loans 】 Yan Zai pointed to one of the pockets and said, "And the salt for deification?" 。

"Zai, do you know Chong Bogun? Or do you know a friend who has the Chong clan?"

Dayi laughed: "I'm not done yet, why are you pouring cold water on me?"

Danzhu was silent for a long time, so that Yan Pan grabbed a piece of roast meat and stuffed it into his mouth, chewing while watching him speak:

"Our tribe doesn't have that many calves for the time being. This cow is just about to give birth, so I brought it here."

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The old patriarch thought for a while: "Generally speaking, it takes a lot of blood to be promoted to a land beast, but the old tortoise has been dormant in the big swamp for so long, its savings are already enough, and the rest is transformation, such as snakes shedding their skin, insects Butterfly, but this time is uncertain. Take a snake as an example. If it is strong, it will transform quickly, about a few breaths. If it is unhealthy and weak, it will be very slow, about ten days. .”
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Uncle Xi explained most of the things to the emperor clearly, and the two of them didn't go back to the city or where they were going. They just sat on the ground by the side of a straw hut. There is dissatisfaction with Danzhu.
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【You're's too early. 】
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"The summer solstice is coming! Everyone is familiar with the summer solstice! When the Yellow Emperor revised the calendar, there was a theory of spring, summer, autumn and winter. During the emperor's reign, the three stages of the summer solstice were determined. In the time of Fangxun, the calendar of the four seasons was revised and supplemented, and some were deleted. reduce."
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The consequences of reclamation from the lake began to worsen. The Southwest took the initiative to send people to show that they couldn't handle it anymore. Therefore, before this year's spring plowing, the artificially-induced floods will not happen.
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The High Priest makes his debut.
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