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Su Ran temporarily gave up the idea of delving into the golden text, and decided to focus on her eyes. ...

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Heavy Qi Gu comes again.

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A hollow flesh hole appeared in Li Shan's forehead, and a cluster of flames burned quietly in the hollow flesh hole.

is blood.

some moment.

Feng Jieren also came from behind to meet the two of them, Feng Jieren carried a big cloth bag in one hand.

"This claw!"

Qian Buer and Feng Jieren are outsiders after all, as long as Jiao Shuyuan is killed first, these two people will not be able to cause too much trouble.

More than ten seconds later, under Su Ran's anxious eyes, the Iron Armored Bull accompanied by Gu worms walked towards Su Ran.

The heavy smell of blood made the red-stocked monkeys stay away from this area. Su Ran didn't have to worry about being attacked for the time being. He took out a piece of broken stone.

Xiong Wen and Xiongcai stepped forward, grabbed the python by the neck, and fixed the python's body by the other, and the python was torn off after a while.

"Huh, this is?" .

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