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Some are magic weapons refined by prehistoric cosmic masters, and some are peerless holy medicines that grow on the tomb of a celestial lord, devouring the spirit of that celestial lord, and the power of the medicine is astonishing. .

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The patriarch is the highest combat power in the headquarters, and when looking for Yanba, you must have a master follow, otherwise Yanba is not found, and the lamb and Yuyu are eaten by wild animals, it will be unlucky. ...

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But compared to Dragon Ghost, it is naturally much better.

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But whether it is him or other people in the forbidden area, they have to admit that what An Ran said is indeed not wrong.

"The dragon ghost responded! This!"

"From nothing to something is a pioneering act, the witch of Chifang has great virtue."

"Let it dance when we go back and plow the fields."

The boy in the yellow shirt was quite talkative, and after listening carefully, he corrected him solemnly: "The place where I was born is called the Daqianxumi Universe, and it is also called the Realm of the Realm, the Realm Above the Heaven. , It’s just that there are too many strong people there, and I failed to fight there, so I had to leave Daqian, pursue an ancient legend, cross the endless chaos, and finally came here.”

"What's more, I have to consider the possibility of those prehistoric emperors awakening their memories in the future."

A half-dead man was brought over from behind, his face was patched with animal skins, it looked extremely disgusting, it was You Lao!

Ask the sky for good or bad luck?

The young man was sitting upright, with a serious expression on his face, without the slightest evil thought in his eyes, instead he asked back as it should be: "Or is it that the majestic generation of heavenly monarchs can't understand the congenital Wutai runes at all?"

The combined force of the forty-nine treasures is only for a moment, and in the next moment, they will be separated one after another under the violent impact. Each time, the brilliance of one treasure will dim, and a piece of time and space will once again become stagnant. .

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"Senior, if you plan to use force, please step over the corpses of all of us!" .

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