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【what banks approve loans with bad credit 】 No. 。

Niuran's proposal before that is indeed feasible. We should join a Beigong Hou Shizi to keep the Central Territory for ten years. If Jinghong has the opportunity to obtain the living soil, it is also possible to restore the Central Territory to its original state.

Not by Su Ran, but by the Bone Tomb!

As long as Bei Gonghen did not win the position of the first son, and one of the eldest son and the second son became the first son, then those who followed Bei Gonghen's offerings would be executed.

Su Ran shook her head, and when she looked to the right, two square bags fell into her hands.

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Huang Xu shook his body, his shattered right arm grew back again, he ignored what White Beard said, and said indifferently: "Tsk tsk, it's actually a Gu Immortal walking the invincible way, the warning of the frightening Gu seems to mean This kid, this kid has just become a fairy, he is so powerful, once he waits for a while, he may be a formidable opponent."
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It was originally planned to do it tomorrow, but Fubo Mansion has already dealt with it, and the Changkong family and Lin family have also solved it.
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Ouyang Qi has his own direct bloodline, but Su Ran doesn't know where the direct bloodline is, so he can only take care of his own family, the Ouyang family.
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"There are eight-line blood fire and nine-rank reverse blood phoenix to prove that Su Ran is not Jue Yue. This matter is a conclusion. From my point of view, Su Ran's blood fire is the same as that of a Gu master. Moreover, Su Ran's appearance, even Compared with the Guchun tribe, it is also very different, not the appearance of the strange moon.
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Although several people have selfish intentions, they all want to become immortals themselves, but no matter who can become Gu Immortals, it is a good thing.
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At the moment when the Deputy Palace Master of Fubo Mansion and the Ninth Grade Patriarch died, the entire Fubo City also entered a state of first-level alert!
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Considering that the Central Territory has not communicated with the outside world for nine thousand years, it is extremely difficult to find a piece of land in the treacherous sea within half a year.
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Su Ran's appearance made Xi Lao take a look at him, and immediately continued talking with Qu Jinghong.
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