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【online instalment loan no credit check instant approval 】 Immortal Gu is immortal, Gu Immortal is immortal, it may be very difficult to kill Immortal Gu, Su Ran wants to know if it is possible to kill Gu Immortal directly with indestructible power. 。

"Su Ran, just do your own thing, let alone a quarter of an hour, even a quarter of an hour, we can stand it!" Yantian Patriarch said in a deep voice.

Su Ran walked forward slowly, and stretched his hand into the Immortal War Relic.

Uh, it seems a bit far-fetched...

It's so cool!

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He never meant to talk nonsense with the enemy before the battle, he just wanted to get information about the shuttle Gu tool, so he didn't do it for a long time.
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"What about you, Su boy?" Old Xi turned to Su Ran, but Su Ran didn't take out the seventh-grade Gu.
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Could it be?
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In the Deceitful Moon Domain, wars are happening everywhere.
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Only the protective cover sacrificed by Mingguang Guyuan can last for two quarters of an hour.
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Su Ran quickly made a judgment.
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Even if the Gu Master is broken into fine pieces, as long as the Immortal Gu is still there, the Gu Master can come back to life again.
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Su Ran's original plan was to wipe out all the Gu masters above the fifth rank of the two families, but with the help of the immortal Gu, Su Ran had no choice but to let it go.
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