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So Wen Ming started to work overtime for himself, wandering around the various facilities in the Great Flood Control City, and observing their structures. This is also what he often does when he is intern for acceptance work, but this time the observation is not acceptance. Observe, but look at the template diagrams of those other water control facilities.

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Seeing that dozens of mill workers gathered, Zhang Hong felt righteous indignation after learning about the situation. He grabbed Xianlong and said, "Why are you beating someone, madman, did he say something wrong? A woman is your wife!"

This made Lord Gao Tao very strange, so he said: "Chong Hua, why don't you speak... this must be a misunderstanding..."

The bear covered his blue eyes.

However, Mr. Wu Pan said that he signed up for a training class for her, and asked her to go to the training class first, and get familiar with some necessary skills before going to work!

Are you still a waste when she comes out?

According to Liang, Wuzhuang, Beimen Cheng, and Xi Hegan also woke up as if from a dream. This strange Qi refiner suddenly appeared, and they didn't even notice it!

"Da Shuibi?"

At night, I took them to the earthen house where they lived. These days they lived in earthen houses. This is the best temporary house built by the Lingjiatan people after they moved here. It is the residence of the bearded leader. was vacated by him.

Chonghua and Wenming looked at each other.

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Under the wind and rain, there is a huge sun totem, illusory exuding high temperature and hot wind. .

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