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【student loan cancellation program 】 A few of them got angry and tried to jump up and hit Bai Feiyan, but at this moment a figure like a mountain suddenly stood in front of her! 。

At this time, a man in sunglasses jumped out and shouted: "Liars, they are all liars, they want to trick us back! Brothers, we must surround this building. As long as we surround it, within three days, I will guarantee that every participant has at least Thousands of profits!"

"Beachside villa?" Chu Shaoyan suddenly asked, "Where is the exact location?"

The pupils were stimulated, and the whole body of the horse's face trembled violently as if being struck by thunder qi, and his face turned pale instantly.

It's simple, act like a baby. As a beautiful woman, and one of the most beautiful and enchanting in the world, Ye Jinlin used her most powerful weapon, lifted her uniform skirt slightly, and gently rubbed her straight and slender jade legs against the rock man's legs and feet, And the tall and handsome twin peaks with astonishing altitude directly pressed on the rock man's arm.

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Zheng Sen was stunned: "Mr. Shangguan, don't you go there in person, doesn't it mean that the group values them?"
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The two quickly floated up to that space, but the bright light stimulated their eyes to tears. However, they didn't care about the stinging pain of the eyes, and desperately took in the precious air, desperately expelling the large amount of exhaust gas accumulated in their lungs.
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Immediately, the mouth was strangled to death by the rope, and the whole person was "flyed" up like flying in the clouds.
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"The bladder is damaged to the sun's pulse?" Hua Youlan said with a shock all over her body.
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As long as I have him in my life, everything doesn't matter, there is heaven everywhere, Goddess Huading thought to herself. Staring at the man in the rock, Shangguan Zetian slightly raised the corners of his mouth, and his small hand tightly held his big black hand with rough nails.
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Chu Shaoyan said coldly: "I have already prepared for this, and I will silence any saboteurs!"
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The two lay down on the fragrant bed in the lounge, the girl was full of joy and nestled in the arms of the rock man obediently like a kitten, her long eyelashes shone like crystal eyes, her white and flawless The skin was slightly pink, and the waterfall-like puffed hair was scattered on Chu Shaoyan's body, covering half of his body!
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Chu Shaoyan was about to let her go, but Guan Nuoxue pulled her violently. Chu Shaoyan was caught off guard. In addition, her legs twitched on her legs, she couldn't help but staggered, and fell on Guan Nuoxue's body!
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