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【online auto loan with bad credit 】 An Ran silently put incense on it. 。

"This meeting is indeed true, but I don't know the outcome of this battle. When I was born with consciousness, it was many years after that. When I opened my eyes, the first picture I saw was gold. The palace is so dilapidated, the sacred artifacts are dusty, and have been abandoned for countless years."

It's a pity that Elder Fei Ling has disappeared so far, so An Ran can only pretend to be his master in order to pass the Ascension Ceremony safely.

Even Ling Jingxuan and the others who were trapped in the fire lotus, when they saw this scene, they would inevitably be stunned for a moment, only feeling that an old hole was stuck in their throats.

"So there are mortals in the fairy world?"

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The disappearance of Taoist Feiling and Jinxian Li Hong is actually no secret to those who care.
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Almost half of the time, An Ran kept shaking her head: "They don't need to think carefully about their toenails and heels, they can become stronger, those powerful sects, and the practitioners of the Four Holy Lands, Under this unprecedented change, will it continue to stand still?"
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On the one hand, psychic techniques take a long time, and if one encounters a sudden battle, it is easy to be caught off guard.
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The last warming system is extremely energy-saving, and it has no use other than warming the heart.
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"Wow ah ah ah - it hurts!"
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Long before the Demon Extinguishing War, Lu Qiu was already a world-renowned master of the magic way, with a cultivation base as high as the peak of Taoism, but in the Misty Rain Temple, his strength was second only to the existence of the magic way sage.
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"Immune immune immune!"
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The dao sword in his hand trembled violently, as if it had endured an unimaginably terrible impact, and it was suddenly torn apart. Not only that, but this invisible aftermath spread and shattered the star compass as well!
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