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"Very good." As Chu Shaoyan said, he began to organize his luggage and prepare weapons. ... how to decide which student loan to pay off first

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"Jinlin..." Luo Yun couldn't bear it, "Don't hesitate, if you really love him, grab him, or give up early, otherwise you will be hurt even more!" ...

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The earthquake at the Jiangcheng Police Station quickly reached Chu Shaoyan's ears, and he immediately realized what it meant. The enemy wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to attack him, and they ignored the law and justice, and perhaps even used some means to create a death accident during the torture, and finally nothing happened.

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It's not impossible for you to marry my daughter, and I won't make it difficult for you. Calculated according to Long Hai's lowest price, the bride price is 500,000. "

"You are welcome, Mr. Ye. This is my duty. I would also like to thank you for the foundation you established in the hospital city. The one hundred million you donated, the hospital has donated to more than one hundred patients, and they have all received Good treatment."

Perhaps it was precisely because of such a good card in their hands that Wu Tianhao and Li Yiqian were unwilling to stay dormant in the small city of Wucheng, but wanted to come to Jiangcheng for a break.

"You little bitch, if I don't get you out of the hospital today, my surname will not be Zhang."

"of course not!"

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A security guard was in the innermost compartment and found Ma Bilian, disheveled and bruised. .

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