what credit model is used for mortgages
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【how to loan a book on kindle 】 However, Su Ran's figure is indeed a bit strong now. 。

Of course, this is just a small trouble for Su Ran.

Xing Guang's chest collapsed, his sternum was broken, and he was breathing in but not out.

Spiritual Gu is not ordinary Gu. In Yuan Batian's mind, several second-grade ordinary Gus are not as important as one first-grade spiritual Gu. Ordinary second-grade Gu is given, but spiritual Gu cannot be given casually.

Ouyang Jing put down the moon secret stone in his hand, and said calmly: "How long will it take for the fifty moon secret stones from Yuan Bandit to recover?"

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Murder to pay for life, debt to pay back money, how can Su Ran claim the name of the fourth leader of Yuan Bandit, so he can't treat this as never happened.
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When Su Ran came out of the treasure house, the golden text had a big change.
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Su Ran's punch was too fast and too fierce!
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The Sanyuan jade skin is very strong, it cannot be cut easily, and the blood cannot come out if the skin cannot be broken.
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"Strengthen the second source of gold and jade, strengthen the second source of fatness, strengthen the second source of heart, strengthen the second source of brachial strength."
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Su Ran's energy is too huge, without a sea of energy, it also meets the requirements of the second stage of the divine Gu Dao.
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