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【inventory loan for small business 】 "Huh!" At this moment, a knife wind swept across, so fast that Chu Shaoyan moved him into a crisis. Without any hesitation, Chu Shaoyan raised his saber to meet the opponent's steel saber! At the same time, supporting his body with one hand, he quickly dodged backwards. 。

Deputy Mayor Wang was immediately refreshed, and said with a smile: "Mr. Chu has a good eye, Shengze Town is our No. It was approved by the National Science and Technology Commission as a national-level silk spark-intensive area; six years ago, Shengze was named a famous silk town in China by the China Textile Association. Shengze has become the main production base, export base and product distribution center of the silk textile industry in East China. Last year, the comprehensive ranking of villages and towns in East China ranked 22nd, if Mr. Chu invests in Shengze, he will definitely have great potential!"

It turned out that Chu Shaoyan's hanging skirt was finally unbearable to the toss of the two of them, and a big hole was torn open, only a finger-width strand was left hanging under the frame, barely maintaining the weight of the two of them!

At least the naked man in the photo was him, really him. At this time, Wei Huatong looked very carefully. The sarcoid had been with him for decades, and he could recognize it at a glance. This is a secret, a secret that this enemy cannot possibly know.

The temple is a vital part of the human body, and if it is hit hard, it will cause shocks in the slightest and casualties in the severest. Chu Shaoyan's elbow was attacked by his Taiqing Gong's supernatural power. This sudden blow was surprisingly powerful. How could that big man resist it?

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After Chu Shaoyan broke through the hole in the hole, he walked straight away at a fast pace. Although he never intended that the enemy would fulfill his promise to release his future father-in-law Guan Fengyi, but to spare Song Yingjie time and hands and feet is his biggest purpose for agreeing to this challenge.
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"I'm sorry!" the girl in her twenties said sadly. The South American master Shi Danda's love for her can be described as sincere. The other party pursued her unremittingly for several years, and even gave his life for it.
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"Mr. Chu, three elder sisters, welcome to the capital!" Maaya bowed slightly and said politely.
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"Be the test of whether Sister Yan likes you or not!" Nangong Chengyu said.
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Chu Shaoyan smiled brightly and nodded resolutely: "Not bad."
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The woman gasped, and then giggled: "It seems that I am very good at finding you as a partner. You are ruthless, smart, and trustworthy. Well, the cooperation intention has been reached, right?"
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"No, no... not good!" The rock man struggled; what he said at this time could not be moved, it seemed a little hypocritical, this pair of peerless mother and daughter flowers, like a pair of demon orchids, bloomed charmingly and sexyly, swaying in various ways, this time For a moment, the rock man couldn't move his eyes away.
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what to do? Regardless of his injury, Chu Shaoyan turned around in this relatively flat depression. But nothing was found. Except for moss, there were almost no plants here, let alone the herbs that Chu Shaoyan was familiar with.
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