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【ttcu loan payment online 】 Xu You: "Abandoning what you say is the cultivation method to prevent severe drought and flood!" 。

When Chong Bo heard this, hey, this child, he was very ashamed and said: "Hey, where is there any merit? If there is merit, how can you... make a slip of the tongue, a slip of the tongue! On the contrary, I often hear Wen Ming talk about you. Come, I heard that you are very good at controlling water."

They are obviously doing flood control work, but why are they so far away from the river?

So under the impact, the totem was unscathed because of the power of the gods, but Xu Cang vomited blood, retreated more than 20 steps in a row without stopping, staggered, his face was pale and he was on the verge of falling!

After the ventilation, the miasma disappeared. Compared with the southeast wilderness, the miasma made up for it, and the population was scattered, the gathering places were primitive, and the land and water flow had not been transformed. At this time, the air is more than the tolerance area of the southeast wilderness, to the Zhenze area. , must be sweet, that's right...

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If you can control the level water, you have ability but not great ability.
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The Yue guests who said these words were all stunned, and even whispered to each other.
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"Emperor, Chonghua is taking her around the market in Taotang, half way around today."
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Some guys don’t know how to hide themselves, such as the snake repairer who was killed decades ago, that guy was indeed very powerful at the time, occupying Dongting Lake, even the lake god wanted to avoid it, and the subordinate Sibu clan was even more arrogant, But what happened in the end, wasn't it completely wiped out?
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As a geological prospector, Yu Zai certainly knew who the earliest geodetic surveyor was in the legends of ancient times, so after thinking about it for a while, he remembered the identity of Shuhai!
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"Two, please look at this green mountain and wilderness!"
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As for Chonghua and the others, they felt that they were going to lie down as the bait this time, but in the hiding place, Di Fangxun said to a few people with a serious expression: "Listen well, people will come in later, you protect me." Yao Chonghua, if he loses a layer of dust, I'll take your skin off."
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