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【how to take out a loan to buy a business 】 "Ouch!" Zidie screamed, it turned out that her little head was lowered enough, so that with such a clamp, her head was clamped! 。

The ancient Xiapu County in the northeast of Fuzhou Province in southeast China; this Xiapu County is a well-known ancient city in eastern Fujian. It was once the cultural and economic center of the eastern part of Fuzhou Province. One of the ports, it is known as "the hometown of kelp", "the hometown of laver" and "Zoulu on the seashore".

It was precisely when he realized that there was no longer any great threat that Chu Shaoyan boldly left Jiangcheng alone to carry out this inspection tour. Of course, secretly, Chu Shaoyan did not lower the security level for Huading Group, Huali Group, and Shangguan Manor. It was only because of their trust that he left the Jiangcheng base camp in peace.

Because Chu Shaoyan and Mike wore night vision goggles, they could see everything clearly, so they drove very fast.

The situation suddenly became severe, and the atmosphere of the scene became extremely tense. Everyone looked nervously at Chen Wei, to be precise, at the gun in his hand.

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Contrary to Chu Shaoyan, Toyotomi Maaya has a serious expression on her face. This is probably because she is used to maintaining a rigorous attitude when doing many things. Her eyes are straight. Staring at the float, looking forward to it.
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Hearing Liu Yong's praise, Chu Shaoyan didn't feel any joy in his heart, on the contrary he was a little angry! That's right, anger! If he guessed correctly, the director behind this scene should be the chairman Ye Tianhe, and Liu Yong is at best an actor!
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"Brother, it's...it's Xiaobai the dolphin!" Yan Shuya exclaimed in surprise.
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"Damn, are you pretending to be dead by asking you something?" The big commando on the left who was carrying him got angry and stomped on his left instep.
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In addition, although she has an arrogant personality, due to the rigorous training she received since she was a child, Toyotomi Maaya retains a gentle and elegant temperament from the bottom of her heart, mixed with a little bit of wildness, in fact, not only did not destroy her charm, On the contrary, it made her temperament even more special. She is indeed a famous social flower in the capital of Dongying.
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But looking at his actions, Chu Shaoyan didn't react at all, just watched quietly. About half a minute later, Saha stopped kowtowing, and then he saw blood staining his forehead. At this time, he no longer had the calmness before. On the contrary, he was like a pug, terrified!
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After firing all the shells, Emily kept on doing nothing, ordering the helicopter to continue flying around the freighter, while the machine gunner kept firing downward.
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However, Jiang Langtao didn't know Chu Shaoyan's identity. If he knew Chu Shaoyan's identity, he wouldn't be able to laugh, instead he would only cry!
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